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Team Profile  
Malaysia, Indonesia
Team Principal:
Alan Chin
Team Engineers:
Patrick De Groot
Reuben Wong
Team Member(s):  
Chief Mechanics: Liew Chiew (Malaysia Series/Indonesia GT3/Clio Cup China)
Roberto Relanes ((Malaysia Series/ Indonesia GT3/GT3 Asia Series)
Check Chun Heng (Porche Carrera Cup Asia)
Somboon Kittitanagon (Porsche Carrera Cup Asia)
Mechanics: Calvin Cheung Chee Keong, Goh Keat Seng, Alex Ng Shee Chuan, Kittithat Channiam, Sittipong Sarawong, Saksit Khwanyuen, Chanchai Seesukote, Khor Gee Khai.
Current Drivers: Darryl O'Young (Porsche 997 GT3)
Keita Sawa (Porsche 997 GT3)
Mak Hing Tak (Porsche 997 GT3)
Tunku Hammam (Lamborghini LP600/Porche Cup S)
Jacky Yeung (Porsche 997 GT3/Lamborghini LP520 GT3/Honda FD2R)
Ringo Chong (Porsche 997 GT3/Aston Martin N24)
Gerard Yap (Aston Martin N24/Renault Clio)
Hu Cheng Wei (Aston Martin N24/Renault Clio)
Gilbert Yap (Aston Martin N24)
Noel Becker (lamborghini LP520 GT3)
Michael Lai (Honda FD2)
Freddy Setiawan (Porsche Cup S)
Deddy (Porsche 997 GT3)
Alvi (Lamborghini LP520 GT3)

Team Biography

Arrows Racing was born from a decade of experience in the sports car manufacturing industry (TVRM & TVRUK), in which cars were designed and built from scratch, involving composite and tubular space frames, and with a long heritage of motor racing.The dreams, passion, desire and dedication have led to “Arrows Racing”. The team, which since 1995 started with its own factory road and race cars in Malaysia, now races throughout Asia with various makes of cars.As one of the fast growing teams in Asia, Arrows Racing intends to do our best to provide the best service to all of our customers. Arrows Racing was also previously Organizer and Official Team for quite a few other successful series running throughout Asia.

Involved in the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia Since 2004, Malaysia Super Series, Asia GT3 Series, Indonesia GT3 Series, Merdeka Millennium Endurance 12 hrs, Renault Clio China Series and as Aston Martin Asia Cup organiser & Technical Service provider. We are confident and competent of what our team can achieve.